Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catch Up Time!

Time to catch up on some pictures! So here are pictures from September up to now!
 The day Max came home from Iraq! September 27th, 2011
 Her outfit was made by Max's Aunt Terri.
 Waiting on the Tarmac for him to get off the plane!
 Allie and her daddy seeing each other for the first time in 6 months!
 Coming in to the airport....everyone was clapping for him! It gave me the goosies!

 Everybody that came for Max holding the welcome home banner.
 Together at last!!!

 Max reading Allie a bedtime story that night.
 Our trip to the CDA Resort and spa in October! It's always a fun time there.

 Allie's 2nd Halloween! Her first with her daddy!
 Giving her buddy, Bridger, some smooches!
 Little miss Allie Cat!
 She was a fairy for Halloween!
 She's so beautiful!

 One of our first days in our new home!
 Smiley girl!
 Silly girls!
 Snuggling on daddy waiting to see Santa.
 She loves Santa! I'm so proud of her. She never cries when she's with him....but she also never smiles. haha. So we had to get him to read her a book so that she didn't look bored.

 Allie's first haircut! She got her bangs cut.
 She's just a little ham!

 New Years Eve! Max and his sisters and brother.
 My birthday night celebration!
 The clan!

 My sister and I
How gorgeous is this little princess!!? She amazes me everyday.


Finally here are some pictures of our new, beautiful home!

 Back deck.
 One side...
 The other side...
 The view from the deck!
 Part of the yard.
 Fire pit!

 Master bedroom

 Master bath

 Spare bathroom

 Washer/Dryer came with the house, as well as all of the other appliances!
 Allie's room!